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SXS Collective is a business development and network platform for athletes and hosts, based in the middle of the Austrian Alps.
Together, we have more than 30 years of experience in the world of sports management, communication & marketing. The organization cooperates with highly skilled people in their respective fields.



We provide full management for exceptional athletes and hosts.


We´ll implement a specific business development academy soon.
Stay tuned!


We help our athletes & hosts with 360° consulting along their career.


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Stephan Kirchtag

Stephan Kirchtag

Within the last 10 years I was driven by my passion to create exceptional live marketing experiences. As a sports enthusiast I am now using my global network in various industries to support athletes with 360° consulting and developing sustainable marketing strategies. It is my vision to build brands around exceptional personalities and lead them to strong business models and furthermore to a successful future. 

 Helping these individuals, pushing them and contributing to their economic and sporting development makes me happy.

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Stefan Steinacher

Stefan Steinacher

For over 20 years I live my dream with hosting live sports events. As a sports lover, inspiring the crowd still excites me. From Formula1 to Moto GP, all major Austrian winter sports events, athlete awards as well as specific projects at various World Championships and the Olympic Games I had the honor to host some of the world’s biggest sports events. Along my way, I built a strong network in business and sports, which I now use to support athletes and hosts in their respective fields. It makes me happy to connect our clients and progressive brands aiming to create a relationship for a successful future. The emotions that sport is able to create is definitely my driving force.


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